Is privacy a bad word?

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Facebook wants to serve you better, tailor made ads, based on your preferences. All is good and well, right? Well, the medium for serving these has changed - It’s Whatsapp(!) Yes, you heard it right - the messaging platform that claimed to protect your privacy and never let any advertisers approach you on it (and has also decided to serve any sponsored ads anywhere on the platform) has done the unthinkable and will start sharing your details with the Facebook family of companies (Facebook, Instagram, etc). (This isn’t the first time marketers and salesmen in general were trying to hack through Whatsapp [and other messaging services, for that matter] to get to relevant clients). Is it something that we actually want, though? For the advertiser, it’s heaven on earth: Access…
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Titanomachia and privacy

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We all know the all powerful Google search engine. It’s like oxygen, we must breathe it. But, contrary to common belief, the world doesn’t revolve around Google. 32% of the world actually revolves around Bing. Bing is quite similar to Google, naturally as it has to offers relevant search results but the main difference is that you are actually rewarded for using Bing over Google. Yes, Microsoft “pays” people to use its search engine (and their new browser “Edge” as well). They don’t come out blatantly saying “we will pay you $X to use Bing”, but they give you all kinds of redeemable credits that you can use for rentals, coupons, etc. Given, that’s not the only reason someone would use a search engine but 33% of the market means…
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