Verified accounts or “how I got knighted”

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You probably noticed that both Twitter as well as Facebook (and other apps associated with it) had two classes of users: Regular Joes Lower Gentry (verified accounts) The narrative behind the verified accounts is to distinguish between official brands/sites and non-official (fan/fake) brands/sites. For example, if you would like to follow Katy Perry or The New York Times, you wouldn’t be interested in browsing through hundreds of fake pages that seem harmless but just aren’t the official page of that celebrity or brand. If you are an analyst for a social media based analytics company or some content writer, you wouldn’t be interested in a fake Bloomberg profile, now would you? Regular Joes can do pretty much everything, from Facebook Live to building their own brands on Facebook, to mention…
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Growth hacking on social media and how it can help your business

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Guest post by AJ Segal of Appenue, branding and growth hacking expert   As a startup, you need to find new creative ways to gain more clients for your business, a known fact among the ones with very tight budgets. A startup has artistic freedom - a privilege most businesses lack. Being dynamic as a company that has yet to solidify any corporate culture or a set marketing strategy, you need to invent the wheel on a daily basis to grow your business exponentially, before your funds are exhausted. You need to understand how you should utilize different platforms to your advantage and create a perfect product or service that offers value, over another copycat that on first sight shows no signs of innovity. You should learn what your competitors…
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Google My Business – the best free Customer Intelligence Tool!

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Google has decided to completely replace Yellow Pages with its Google My Business service. Yes, we did summarize and surmise that using this service would be most beneficial for your business, especially knowing what time your competitors are busy to attract their clients to you and how to beat the big boys by being ranked higher on local search results. Now we would like to get our point across on two main features: GMB notifications GMB chat GMB notifications are quite straightforward: you receive notifications when users post photos of your business (so make sure you are tidy), when they post comments and reviews on your business (so be alert), reminders to keep your listing up to date (should be done every couple of months if there are frequent changes…
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Who would win the Messenger Wars?

A couple months back, Facebook transitioned their Messenger from an app that is Nice To Have to a Must Have by simply forcing users to download and use the app if they wanted to message their friends on mobile. This transition has positioned Facebook Messenger as the second most popular messaging app (second only to Facebook’s recently acquired WhatsApp). Naturally, as Facebook owns both apps, it has positioned Facebook as the reigning champion, outranking the competition in both popularity as well as quantity; by using a crude tactic, Facebook has actually manipulated statistics and positioned itself as the #1 messaging  app provider in the world. Considering the fact that there was not a mass abandonment of WhatsApp ever since the change to its privacy policy, Facebook will continue dominating this…
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Outrank the competition as easy as 1, 2, 3

Since 2014, Google Pigeon has made our lives easier. The algorithm, which crawls geoposition of users (mostly via mobile), is the perfect way for marketers to show up in local results. If you are a restaurant, a supermarket or even a gym, showing up in “gym nyc” or “restaurant 5th avenue, nyc” ranking high is perfect. But, how exactly do you do that? This is where Google My Business comes in - If you add your business details such as address, the area which you cater, phone number, photos, etc - you could rank higher on search results among people who are looking for local businesses. Whether you are a restaurant, retailer or other, you could benefit immensely from using this feature which is basically a turnkey solution to SEO…
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How to utilize live data to gain the upper hand

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Google really is great; it adds cool features all the time which is absolutely wonderful.   Recently Google added a busy hours feature to Adwords, which is a fantastic way for retailers or small business owners to let their clients know when they are super busy and when their customers should schedule a time to arrive. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="455"] Restaurant "rush hour"[/caption]   But there is a hidden value here: this gives other businesses brilliant business intelligence, as they could find out what their competitors are doing, when they are busy and when they are not and schedule a good time where they could win over their competitors’ audience by offering a better deal when their competitors are busy. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="519"] Supermarket tide & low[/caption]   This…
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Looking for a good lasagna, Facebook!

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Hey guys, Ever since Facebook has decided to wage a competition war against Google, we only benefit. This time it seems Facebook has decided to wage war against Yelp by offering a friend’s recommendation feature via its app. It is simple, when you ask for a recommendation for a good restaurant, hardware store, etc - you get recommendations based on your query and based on your friends’ recommendations; for example “looking for a good Italian restaurant in Soho” will produce recommendations from your friends about relevant restaurants in the area. The same could be used to find new beauty salons, hardware stores and more. A smart marketer should pay attention to these and try and get as many people that are related to people who liked one’s page to gain…
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