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Hey guys,

Valentine’s Day is over, and we have to get out of the comfort of our beds back to reality.


We are sure you remember Sci-Fi movies from the 60s onwards, where everything is monitored and machines were made to look like humans (something we see returning in new shows like Westworld, based on the popular 70s movie with Yul Brynner), act like humans and for our immediate purposes: pass as humans.

This is something that is happening in content as well.

New services that produce instant content for websites have emerged like mushrooms, growing steadily, learning search engine algorithms, learning the nooks, the cracks and the crevices, to produce high quality, engaging content.

Services such as Articoolo, that specialize in using machine learning to produce engaging content on any subject whatsoever, let you have a preview of the written material and then buy it to put on your website.

The process is quite easy and takes about 5-6 minutes to produce an article.

On the other hand, you have WordAi, which is a service that teaches a computer to read like a human being and rewrite your article to produce better readability – so if English is not your native tongue or if you are not a skilled wordsmith, you could still use a service like that to check your grammar and context construction.

WordAi has been featured on mostly Black Hat SEO forums for the past five years or so, so it may “bench” you very quickly if you do not understand what it means to use such a service on your website or blog.

As services produce artificial content for clients, search engines use machine learning to spot these articles that weren’t produced by humans – and most of the time, successfully.

That is what Google Penguin is all about – spotting the relevant content, disavowing the irregulars, kick the link spammers out.

It has been said that “content is king” – it was true, but today it’s “engagement”.

Why? Because having great content with irrelevant links on your website doesn’t rank you high anymore.

What you need is engagement; these editorial links, must factor in your quest of ranking higher in search results.

In order to produce engagement you need SEO, you also need SMO – as social media becomes a more important channel in providing your website with relevant readers who may also engage with your content based on their liking.

This is why so many marketers crave the possibility of showing relevant ads on Facebook groups – so they may drive more engaged traffic to their website, as they know what these groups are about.

Don’t be too hasty though, as Google may not find your article artificially produced, but humans can still read an article that wasn’t written by a person and could always spot that the writing style has changed and doesn’t feel “unique”.

Uniqueness is key to produce better engagement, with content marketed professionally and meticulously to your readers.

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