How the mighty (desktop) has fallen

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Hey peeps, 2016 is almost over and with it we had a few changes to the way we perceive SEO and SEM as a whole. The Google Contributor is dying off as Google decides that it is imperative to continue running ads for revenue (either via Adwords or via Adsense, depends on being the advertiser or the publisher) and most websites opting for native ads or a monthly subscription to discontinue showing ads to users. Desktop’s last stand In the last two years or so, more and more users have opted for mobile for their searches, over 50% according to most sources. [caption id="attachment_216" align="aligncenter" width="936"] courtesy of[/caption] But, even though most searches are conducted on mobile, people still use desktop and laptops to read loads of information. There…
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What website owners seem to forget – an informative for beginners

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SEO has been a part of our lives for almost two decades, ever since Google’s inception back in 1998. We first used search engines for information, navigating the web for anything that would take a few minutes by opening an encyclopedia. With time, smart entrepreneurs learnt how to use the internet and search engines in general to their advantage, making users aware of their activities and products/services. With the advancement of the internet and online payment solutions such as Paypal, purchasing online has become a swift (and secure) process, with you punching in the relevant details, receiving a receipt and automate the entire process until you receive your parcel/service in the mail. Many website owners seem to neglect the power of SEO in overall discovery and only lean on word…
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By Strength and Guile!

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Hey peeps, Hope you had a blast of a Christmas! As we are to embark on Boxing Day in Commonwealth Countries with online retailers trying to squeeze a few more sales before the end of the Holiday Season, which was predicted to surpass regular sales this Christmas, we do learn that advertising hasn’t gone unnoticed. Despite the last couple of years that adblockers tried to give users a seamless experience by removing all ads from websites, we have learnt that more and more website would just deny access to users of adblockers, such as This isn’t coincidental, as when a user does not pay a tribute, a website cannot be considered sustainable in the long run. With the transition from paper based journalism to online journalism, the business model…
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Alone in the dark – Google’s version

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As a market leader, Google wishes to stay on top of things and to update its products and services regularly so when we heard that Google has decided to update its Google Search Console reports for both AMP as well as Rich Cards, it came to us as no surprise. To those of you who aren’t familiar with Rich Cards, they are a way to better display information visually, such as here: The report itself for Rich Cards is based on a stacked chart where the top pile shows you the sum of errors or recommendations and measures to be taken on your site, with the second layer showing the critical and noncritical errors for the selected card type and the third and last layer shows all pages affected by…
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Do we all like change…?

News and updates from the web, SEO
Hey peeps, The holidays are almost upon us and we would like to return to our roots.  Google has been meddling with something we know or love, but for a good cause. It’s no secret that mobile had a massive impact on the entire industry, no doubt. With over 50% of searches now done on mobile, Google had to accommodate for that. But how exactly was it trying to accomplish this? Well, by changing the way searches appear on desktop, that’s how! As you can see, “Top Stories” now appear without any images attached, in a crisp, mobile-esque style. This isn’t coincidental, as Google has been trying to convey the mobile-esque style for the last couple of years as mobile becoming the main choices for searches online. The ones with…
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Be on Mobile for Christmas!

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Many eCommerce marketers ask each year what they should do, how should they approach their clients, how would they get more sales going and where they should focus their efforts. We are sure you read the latest stats from last November,  stating that mobile devices accounted for over a third of all sales done on Black Friday. The figures were overwhelming, with Black Friday sales mounting at a whopping $5 Billion turnover ($5.27 Billion to be exact), with over $1.2 Billion spent on mobile devices. These figures are $3.34 Billion on Black Friday and $1.93 Billion spent on Thanksgiving - we are sure eBay, Amazon and even Aliexpress were really thankful for this prosperous bounty. These figures are so extraordinary, that the smart marketer should turn one’s focus to mobile…
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Yarr, sharpen yer cutlass matey – we set sail to the High Seas!

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The war for mobile supremacy between Apple’s iOS powered iPhones and Google’s Android powered phones has been as cutthroat as the days of privateers on the High Seas. The switching of most desktop users to mobile (for at least a few hours a day), had these giants concerned about conversion of one’s market share into the other’s, with Apple keeping their system as closed sourced, with hardly any widgets that could be added to it in comparison to Google’s (such as the use of the lock-screen or black-screen for monetization, a move now taking place mostly on wearables). Yes, we’ve been time and again into the value of users on each ecosystem, with Apple winning only by quality and not quantity. One of the main reasons Apple has been so…
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2017 and SEO – A Forecast

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SEO has changed in the past 10 years or so; back in the day, it was enough if we had relevant keywords, if we had many links (and backlinks) on the site and naturally if people shared our content around. 2017 is going to be different, because it focuses more about the user experience, where apps play a super crucial part as more and more people opt for a mobile solution, hence the success of article formats such as AMP for mobile web. Mobile Indexing of apps correctly for discovery is growing as people spend most of their time on their mobiles, meaning that a smart marketer who has recently developed an app should make sure one follows the right rules for success.   AMP will stay for keeps if…
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Year of the mobile!

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2016 had tremendous effect on the entire search engine community. Yes, we say that every year, but it seems this year was different. AMP and Mobile Friendly web design First of all, AMP are going super strong and the algorithm penalizes websites that aren’t mobile friendly, while giving way to mobile friendly websites on search results. No, your website doesn’t have to be AMP compliant to stand out amongst the crowd, but an AMP based website loads faster and could therefore retain more users than a regular mobile friendly website. But let’s have the figures do the talking, shall we? Mobile friendly website AMP compliant website As we can see, the AMP compliant one has a better performance grade than the regular mobile friendly (or “responsive design”). But, let us…
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Verified accounts or “how I got knighted”

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You probably noticed that both Twitter as well as Facebook (and other apps associated with it) had two classes of users: Regular Joes Lower Gentry (verified accounts) The narrative behind the verified accounts is to distinguish between official brands/sites and non-official (fan/fake) brands/sites. For example, if you would like to follow Katy Perry or The New York Times, you wouldn’t be interested in browsing through hundreds of fake pages that seem harmless but just aren’t the official page of that celebrity or brand. If you are an analyst for a social media based analytics company or some content writer, you wouldn’t be interested in a fake Bloomberg profile, now would you? Regular Joes can do pretty much everything, from Facebook Live to building their own brands on Facebook, to mention…
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